Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello (echo) is anyone there?

I haven't forgotten to update.... SERIOUSLY.... it's just that since putting the little one into daycare I have only had a handful of days where I have not been sick. This past weekend was no exception and I spent several days in bed wondering who I was. Fever, chills, a lot more I won't get into and finally a breakthrough in the form of prescription medication.

Saturday was our class "trip" to an all women fashion photography exhibit which coincided with Toronto's Fashion Week. I lasted an hour. From what I saw it was lovely though and I wish I'd had a chance to hang out longer. 

Last night's class was a success again! My outfit got picked and the colour scheme I came up with really popped with our backdrop. With every class I see things I like and many things I don't. It's giving me such a good eye for noticing the details. I'm taking my time and studying the frame more instead of snapping like crazy. Kind of like enjoying a fine wine ;)

Pics to follow.

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