Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fashion Photography - Class 3

This here is Rebecca. The goal for this session was to completely style our model in addition to setting up the lighting and pose. I don't think I quite executed the look I was going for but not horrible either. There was some minor photoshopping involved but otherwise she really is that flawless.

In other news I have had little time for myself. The baby is sick and the other business is gearing up for it's busy season so my time is quite divided right now. I am hoping with the warmer weather on the way that I will have more opportunity to take the little one on walks through the neighbourhood.

On a side note, tomorrow is my monthly group outing and we will be heading to the "Beaches" district of Toronto. I hear it's supposed to be really cold - pray for me lol. All this hard work will pay off in November if we do our independant showcase.

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