Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nothing new

So time flies huh? I guess that would be an understatement. I hadn't realized that it had been so long since i'd posted until I tried login in today and had to jump through hoops with password verifications. I guess that should teach me.

One of the reasons I find updating difficult is because I feel like I'm doing the same thing all the time over and over - and it's not related to photography or even art  - in the least. So in my mind there's nothing interesting to talk about.

The show we had planned for November was long ago cancelled. I got pregnant and have been preoccupied with cleaning house and making a room for the new one. That's not even going well because we have 12' ceilings and i'm not allowed to climb an effin ladder which means I have to rely on the time and kindness of others.

Work has been crazy busy so those 3 days where Abby is in daycare have been devoted to making money. Art comes last unfortunately... I'm hoping to get out by myself for a small landscape shoot over the next 2 weeks. The leaves are starting to change and there are so many beautiful places I've yet to explore.

There is one thing that I've been waiting to share but it's ongoing and we won't know anything until Friday of this week. Pray that I have an update with exciting and good news to share.
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