Sunday, January 11, 2009

I need a vacation

I am so sick. Abby is so sick. Chris is working. All creativity is out the window, my thoughts are on surviving the day. 

So our night out in TO... The night itself was good. Our hotel was cozy and we had an awesome room that faced Nathan Philip Square so I could watch the skaters go round & round. Chris had a good time on stage and I was just happy to see some friends. The last few parties we've been invited to I've had to cancel at the last minute because of the weather. My pictures from that night however are another story. I have no experience shooting musicians in such low lighting conditions and I think I need a better lens for the job. I had fun practicing though and I guess that is the point.

Abby started daycare on Thursday, which is where I think she picked up whatever it is that's ailing her. The deal is that I split my time between the two jobs and it worked out - sort of - on Friday with all that crazy weather. I am planning on bringing my camera with me when ever I'm out doing "work" and then I can always take pics on the side.

Anyways, the title still stands. I need a vacation! We have a tentative one planned but not booked for the end of February to head out to Whistler for a few days. Now that should give me some inspiration. Gotta love air miles.

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