Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pay Attention

"I cannot stress enough" was the most often used expression in my grade 5 Homeroom/English class. My teacher, who smelled like coffee and cigarettes (Mrs. Bowes) would lean down and hiss this in my ear using it to preface whatever it was I did that she disapproved of. I remember not liking her class very much because it was too rigid and restrictive, in my opinion English class should be creative and free (give me some Judy Bloom and Sweet Valley High books thank you very much). Anyways, I digress... It turns out years later that she indeed had a point.

Not that this related to my rant but I recently took a series of images and had the camera set TO THE WRONG SETTING. I shot, in my humble opinion, some of my greatest shots to date only to realize when it was too late that these were taken at the smallest resolution.

Let my mistake school you. Always check your equipment before you start a shoot. Always.

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