Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fishing Village

I spent a blustery afternoon with my parents yesterday, driving around aimlessly so that the baby could get her full nap time. She's just a bit cranky if she doesn't get enough sleep (kind of like me I suppose...) and I don't like tempting fate.

I usually bring the camera along because "Hey you just never know". Turns out the overcast sky and flat beach didn't do much to boost my creative juices. Sometimes I really do think I let the weather dictate too much of my life ;)

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Anonymous said...

Port Stanley is a hop, skip, romp and a jump from our home. It's just around the corner. We could bike there. This is one of the many beauties that drew us to Southwestern Ontario. Wow, this is amazing!!! I had no idea about your family connection here. Another beautiful picture, Jenn. We almost bought a home on the beach in Port Stanley but the winter commute would've been a bitch to London for work. We're considering buying a cottage here. Your picture makes me wish we were there...lovely indeed. Thank you.

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